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Aug 07 2010

Moska: Muito Pouco

Non-Identical Twins   With a release in 2004, Tudo Novo de Novo was Paulo Corrêa de Araujo’s (in short: Moska) most recent studio album. The praise about the album here on MúsicaBrasileira ended with my curiosity about the follow up. That album never seemed to be recorded. The waiting was a bit compensated by the …

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Apr 07 2007

Moska: + Novo de Novo

While Waiting for a New Album   Tudo Novo de Novo still is Paulinho Moska’s last studio album. To kill the time while waiting for the next album, a DVD has been released. The material features a concert Paulinho Moska presented in Brazil’s capital, Brasília, during his Tudo Novo de Novo promotion tour.  On December …

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Aug 07 2004

Moska: Tudo Novo de Novo

With Sacha Amback, Dunga and Marcos Suzano   The musical career of Paulinho Moska is an interesting one to follow. From his first solo album (Vontade; 1993) till now, he went through quite some artistic changes. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967, Paulinho quietly picked up notice of his talent and started to play …

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Jul 11 2004

Various: Casa do Forró

Casa do Forró

Let the Party Begin!   With a country as vast as Brazil, it is no wonder that some musical genres do not get as much air play as others. Take, for example, samba and bossa nova. Just about everyone in all corners of the world has experienced those infectious rhythms. Who has never heard the …

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