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Jun 18 2016

Brasil Sinfônico

Paulinho da Viola

Brasil Sinfônico It was an evening of magic, in that beautiful concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam, Holland. For this special occasion, the graceful Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Manuel López-Gómez (1983, Caracas, Venezuela). His name is known all around the world also because of his inspiring knowledge of the Latin music tradition. He …

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Mar 23 2004

Francis Hime: Brasil Lua Cheia

Brasil Lua Cheia

Superb Musicianship!   Not many artists are able to pull together such a diverse repertoire as Francis Hime does in Brasil Lua Cheia and have a great album. It should not come as a surprise to those who know Hime’s work, though. He is the celebrated composer of Brazilian classics such as “Trocando em Miúdos,” …

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Oct 08 2003

Paulinho da Viola: Bebadosamba


Samba High!   With 25 albums in his recording career, Paulinho da Viola is one of Brazil’s most beloved and accomplished samba composers. The time he spends in a recording studio has, however, decreased in these past 10 years. He recorded an album in Germany in 1993 and then in 1996 he came back to …

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Jun 16 2003

Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente: A Música de Paulinho da Viola

A Música de Paulinho da Viola

 A Gem!   The Samba of Paulinho da Viola is an effective medicine to kill those heartbreaking feelings of saudades. It brings you right back to Rio and its music. One of Paulinho’s secrets is that he never surrendered to any commercial seduction. He is said to have left Portela’s Escola de Samba as a …

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