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Aug 07 2010

Moska: Muito Pouco

Non-Identical Twins   With a release in 2004, Tudo Novo de Novo was Paulo Corrêa de Araujo’s (in short: Moska) most recent studio album. The praise about the album here on MúsicaBrasileira ended with my curiosity about the follow up. That album never seemed to be recorded. The waiting was a bit compensated by the …

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Apr 07 2007

Moska: + Novo de Novo

While Waiting for a New Album   Tudo Novo de Novo still is Paulinho Moska’s last studio album. To kill the time while waiting for the next album, a DVD has been released. The material features a concert Paulinho Moska presented in Brazil’s capital, Brasília, during his Tudo Novo de Novo promotion tour.  On December …

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Aug 07 2004

Moska: Tudo Novo de Novo

With Sacha Amback, Dunga and Marcos Suzano   The musical career of Paulinho Moska is an interesting one to follow. From his first solo album (Vontade; 1993) till now, he went through quite some artistic changes. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967, Paulinho quietly picked up notice of his talent and started to play …

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