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Feb 22 2008

Mário Seve: Casa de Todo Mundo

Casa de Todo Mundo

At Home With Friends   As Mário Sève writes in the liner notes for Casa de Todo Mundo, “this album has been in the works for quite some time.” He continues and says that “surprisingly, everything I had imagined has come true and I was able to bring together my admirations and friends.” That, in …

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Jul 22 2005

Mário Seve & David Ganc: Pixinguinha + Benedito

Pixinguinha + Benedito

Beyond Timeless Classics   I will tip my hat off to Mário Sève and David Ganc — and I don’t even wear hats! Before you start thinking “oh no another Pixinguinha album,” let me reassure you this is not anything you have heard before. I’ll be honest with you: I also had that initial, erroneous …

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