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Feb 25 2014

Marimbanda: YouTube channel

In Your Living Room… With the amount of YouTube videos available in cyberspace — some clearly with poor video and sound qualities — I never felt inclined to write about any particular channels. However, there’s always a first for everything. Since mid-November 2013, I have been enjoying high-quality studio videos produced and shared by Marimbanda. …

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Sep 04 2010

Luizinho Duarte: Garimpo

Gold Digging   Like mining for gold, finding good Brazilian music has turned into a laborious task in recent years. However, when the results are like Garimpo, a sigh of relief is immediately followed by an expression of amazement. Marimbanda’s Luizinho Duarte is undoubtedly a Renaissance musician. I first met Luizinho in 2001, after going …

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Sep 07 2005

Marimbanda: Tente Descobrir

Peaceful Discovery!   My flight arrived in Fortaleza 7:05 PM. After trying to look calm and greet family, I drove home thinking about the time. I dropped my luggage at home, chatted with relatives for a few minutes and simply had to excuse myself. I would have time for family later. They would have my …

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Mar 07 2004

Marimbanda: Marimbanda

What a Debut!   The instrumental group Marimbanda is as unique as its name. Formed in1999 in Fortaleza, Ceará (northeast Brazil), Marimbanda got its name from a song written by bassist Adriano Giffoni. With a good dose of improvisation added to Brazilian rhythms — samba, baião, frevo, etc. — Marimbanda scores high marks in its self-titled …

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Mar 07 2004


Brazilian quartet based in Fortaleza, Ceará, Marimbanda performs original compositions and Brazilian classics infused with the band’s own creative musical spin. MySpace web site: Marimbanda   Marimbanda (2001) Tente Descobrir (2005)