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Oct 15 2012

Adventure Music: 10 Years

Adventure Music: 10 Years

Ten Shining Years It is hard to imagine how fast time has flown. I was totally off guard when I realized that Adventure Music is celebrating ten years of great music. Some record labels make a name by focusing on one particular genre. For example, who can forget Windham Hill and the music genre it helped create? More particular …

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Sep 04 2010

Marcos Amorim Trio: Portraits


On a Solid Road   With four beautiful and well received solo albums on his credit, one can be quite confident about the quality of a next release from guitarist Marcos Amorim (Rio de Janeiro, 1964). And here it is: Portraits. On this tasteful recording date, Marcos returns with the trio that accompanied him on …

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Jul 04 2008

Jorge Albuquerque, Marcos Amorim, Rafael Barata: Revolving Landscapes

Revolving Landscapes

  After two pleasing albums — Cris on the Farm (2003) and Sete Capelas (2006) — Marcos Amorim assembled a new trio for his third album for the label Adventure Music. Marcos’s artistic guitar playing is now joined by the able hands of Jorge Albuquerque on bass and Rafael Barata on drums. Each artist individually …

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Mar 04 2008

Marcos Amorim: Sete Capelas

Sete Capelas

Guitar Jazz for a Quiet Evening   After the well received Cris on the Farm, guitarist Marcos Amorim surprises again with his fourth solo project. On Sete Capelas, Marcos Amorim (Rio de Janeiro, 1964) impresses with inspired performances that indisputable show traditional Brazilian influence. Amorim’s first (independent) released solo album O Boto (1993) was voted …

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Nov 09 2003

Marcos Amorim Trio: Cris on the Farm

Cris on the Farm

A New Label and Its Debut Releases   Not since Malandro Records released its first album in 1996 have I seen such a promising new label in the U.S. dedicating its efforts to Brazilian music. Adventure Music is the new kid on the block, and its first six releases deserve many praises for bringing the …

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