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Jan 01 2009

Leo Gandelman: Sabe Você

Sabe Você

Leo Gandelman Lets the Stars Sing   Saxophonist Leo Gandelman leaves his marks in 2008 with an outstanding album that features many of Brazil’s legendary vocalists. The craftsmanship of Leo Gandelman (Rio de Janeiro, 1956) is widely recognized. During his career, that started at age 15 as soloist with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, he has …

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Feb 01 2004

Kimson Plaut: Ubatuba


A Brazilian Soul   I am convinced that the only requirement one needs to play Brazilian music and assure audiences that what they hear is authentic is a Brazilian soul. Kimson Plaut’s Ubatuba validates my statement beyond any doubts. Ubatuba, which in Tupi-Guarani means place of the canoes, is Kimson’s soulful reflection of the 11 …

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