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Dec 09 2017

Lenine & Martin Fondse

Lenine & Martin Fondse

The Bridge Sometimes it happens: the magic between two musicians from totally different cultures. You wonder how it’s possible. Someone from “o país tropical” who joins forces with someone who lives in a rainy country below sea-level! But it works. Think about Ceumar and Dutch pianist Mike Del Ferro. And, since 2013, Brazilian star Lenine …

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Dec 01 2006

Lenine: Acústico MTV

Acústico MTV

Also Making It the Acoustic Way   When Lenine was asked by MTV to participate in their unplugged series, he decided to make something special of it by inviting some less obvious guests from all over the world. Of course MTV added strings and a burning horn section. Lenine brought his own band to complete …

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Apr 01 2005

Lenine: In Cité

In Cité

Progressive Art   When talking about Brazilian music, people very often mention Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador de Bahia as the most important cities. Of course, these cities are very important in the history of Brazilian music, but the northeastern city Recife also fits very well in that list. Its African influenced dance …

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Jul 11 2004

Various: Casa do Forró

Casa do Forró

Let the Party Begin!   With a country as vast as Brazil, it is no wonder that some musical genres do not get as much air play as others. Take, for example, samba and bossa nova. Just about everyone in all corners of the world has experienced those infectious rhythms. Who has never heard the …

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Feb 26 2004

Various: Songbook João Bosco 3

Songbook João Bosco 3

Esmerado Trabalho   Terceiro volume do songbook de João Bosco que ganhei no Natal e só hoje estou terminando de ouvir. Chegou a um ponto que me pegou “na veia” e tenho que repartir. Ou buscar eco, alguém que tenha sentido da mesma forma que eu, desbragadamente. Talvez cause espanto ou incomode essa minha maneira …

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