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Feb 01 2009

Kiko Continentino, Leonardo Amuedo, Mauro Senise: Caixa de Música

Caixa de Música

An Exceptional Trio!   Here’s an instrumental album by a remarkable trio of musicians. It’s not often that we hear a trio formed by piano, guitar and sax. But a setting like this works just fine when the musicians are Kiko Continentino (piano), Mauro Senise (saxes and flutes) and Leonardo Amuedo (electric guitar). The classic …

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Apr 08 2004

Pascoal Meirelles Trio: Tom

How to Play Jazz   When you see a Brazilian album which has the name TOM on it, you can almost be certain it refers to Tom Jobim. This cd is no exception. Five of his compositions are represented here. The Pascoal Meirelles Trio pays tribute to the generation that created Samba-Jazz. And they do …

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