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Aug 12 2017

Heloísa Fernandes: Faces


Continuing to Impress It was an excellent idea of Thomas Zoells to invite Heloísa Fernandes for a solo recording on a state of the art Fazioli piano. The Swiss born owner of Pianoforte Chicago, the city’s famous piano store, attended a concert (May 3rd, 2014) by Heloísa Fernandes at his own studio in Chicago. He …

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Sep 25 2009

Heloísa Fernandes: Candeias


Updating Roots   Some four years ago I ended my review of Heloísa Fernandes’ debut album Fruto (2004) with an impatient curiosity about the pianist’s next project. It took a while, but the result even surpasses the high expectation that I dared to cherish in my musical wishes. The pianist/composer from São Paulo (for biographical …

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Apr 25 2005

Heloísa Fernandes: Fruto


Fruitful Combinations   After listening to this album, Fruto, it is hard to understand how it is possible that the name of Heloísa Fernandes is so unknown. She is an incredible pianist, an outstanding jazz musician with a marvelous taste for music. It was her mother who guided her during her first contacts with the …

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