Tag: Hagai Rehavia

Oct 25 2006

Hagai Rehavia: Bebê


Excellence Reborn   Back in 2003 I was introduced to a wonderful album from a trio in Israel. Tucan Trio’s Tucan in a nutshell blew me away with their vibrant music. Though the group had been in existence since 1998, their first and only album had only been commercially released in 2000. Tucan Trio, in …

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Jun 25 2003

Tucan Trio: Tucan


Brazilian Music in Israel   Brazilian music truly covers the globe. We’ve all heard of Brazilian music being made in all corners of the world, but I guess there was one corner almost overlooked. I found that out when I heard Tucan Trio. Hagai Rehavia (guitar), Joca Perpignan (percussion, vocals) and Amir Milstein (flute) are …

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