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Sep 11 2013

Edu Leal: Vida Nova

Vida Nova

With a Little Help from His Friends…   São Paulo native acoustic guitarist, composer and arranger Edu Leal released his first solo album in 2011. Vida Nova bridged Edu Leal’s instrumental music experience with new songs. Writing, arranging and producing all 13 songs in the album with a few lyricists proved no small feat for …

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Feb 25 2008

Harvey Wainapel: Amigos Brasileiros

Amigos Brasileiros

In Good Company   When an artist takes time to get involved profoundly with the culture and music of a foreign country, the results can be amazing. Suddenly, the music performed at a live concert or CD bears the same musical quality as if you were in the country of its origin. Harvey Wainapel has …

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Aug 08 2003

Rogério Botter Maio: Aprendiz

Passionate Bass   Labeling can be misleading sometimes. When you look at Aprendiz and read the first line in the notes, you are likely to be confused. It says: Aprendiz – aquele que busca o caminho. (Benvinda D’Angelo) [Apprentice – the one who seeks the path.] Further reading the liner notes, one realizes Maio’s intention. …

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