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Nov 23 2006

Fernanda Porto: Ao Vivo

Ao Vivo

Showing Her Face   Sooner or later every musician seems to present himself or herself on a live recorded DVD/CD. Usually those discs are entertaining alternatives to enjoy these musicians’ music. But sometimes they’re more than that and then they form an interesting addition to the discography. Fernanda Porto is an artist who already proved …

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Feb 23 2005

Fernanda Porto: Giramundo


An Improved Sound   This is Fernanda Porto’s second solo release. After the 105,000 copies selling drum’n’bass influenced Fernanda Porto, the talented multi-instrumentalist is taking her music one step further. Where on the first album the drum’n’bass formed the basis for the music, on Giramundo an occasional drum’n’bass soundscape supports the compositions. Fernanda Porto (1968; …

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