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Feb 02 2010

Felipe Radicetti

The Music of Felipe Radicetti   Here are the songs in this podcast. All music by Felipe Radicetti with various lyricists. Navio Negreiro (poem by Antonio Castro Alves) – Clara Sandroni Homens Partidos (Independent, 1999) Homens Partidos (lyrics by Marcelo Biar) – Cláudio Nucci Homens Partidos (Independent, 1999) Moleque-Marraio (lyrics by Marcelo Biar) – Geraldo Azevedo Homens …

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Dec 23 2009

Felipe Radicetti: SagradoProfano

Another Surprise Gift   One of Brazil’s most surprising songwriters, Felipe Radicetti knows how to blend contemporary sounds and electronic samplers without losing Brazilian elements in his music. A gifted composer and singer, he also associates himself with other artists who are at the forefront of contemporary Brazilian music. Cristina Saraiva, Felipe Cerquize, Chico Adnet …

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Dec 15 2003

Clarisse Grova & Felipe Radicetti: Superlisa

Daring and Unique   Two artists, two styles. Together, Clarisse Grova and Felipe Radicetti have released Superlisa, an album featuring Grova’s and Radicetti’s music along with one classic Dolores Duran song. Grova’s previous work was the critically acclaimed Novos Traços (1997), in which she performed new songs by Cristovão Bastos and Aldir Blanc. She has …

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