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Mar 16 2004

Various Artists: comPasso Samba & Choro

1º comPasso Samba & Choro

Good Samba & Choro Samplers   One of the most frequent questions I hear when people are trying to buy their first Brazilian CD is what album I would recommend for someone not yet very familiar with Brazilian music. Choosing one album to best represent the wide range of Brazilian musical styles is a difficult …

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Nov 24 2003

Guilherme de Brito & Trio Madeira Brasil: A Flor e o Espinho

A Flor e o Espinho

Like a Beautiful Flower   A remarkable album! Guilherme de Brito performs the songs that made him famous and were made famous by the many big names in Brazilian music who highlighted his compositions in their repertoire. Guilherme de Brito doesn’t record his own songs very often, but for this occasion he wanted to review …

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Jun 16 2003

Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente: A Música de Paulinho da Viola

A Música de Paulinho da Viola

 A Gem!   The Samba of Paulinho da Viola is an effective medicine to kill those heartbreaking feelings of saudades. It brings you right back to Rio and its music. One of Paulinho’s secrets is that he never surrendered to any commercial seduction. He is said to have left Portela’s Escola de Samba as a …

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