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Sep 24 2013

André Mehmari: Canteiro


A Bountiful Garden!   Here is one artist who is comfortable in any genre. André Mehmari has recorded with choro mandolin master Hamilton de Holanda (check out their latest collaboration, GismontiPascoal), jazz clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi (the beautiful Miramari) and partnered with vocalist Ná Ozzetti for an inspired piano/voice release (Piano e Voz). Keeping in line with those releases, I feature here Canteiro. …

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Mar 08 2006

Paulinho Tapajós & Marcello Lessa: Viola Violão

Brazil from the Inside   Some songs have the power to stay in our hearts and minds long after we first hear them. Those songs mark a moment, make you think of someone special or touch you in more ways than one. Whether you call them classics or simply popular hits, the truth is that …

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