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May 15 2008

Cidade Negra: Diversão

Diversão Ao Vivo

Fizzling Out   The guys from Cidade Negra take it easy on their latest and maybe last album. It’s a concert registration of the show they did with music that dominated their youth. Older Brazilian pop songs are dusted off and performed in a relaxed way. A friendly reggae dressing gives the repertoire a typical …

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Jun 15 2007

Cidade Negra: Direto


  Twenty Years of Fun   For 20 years the guys from Cidade Negra succeed to fill the house and deliver a perfect show, leaving behind a happy and satisfied crowd. The two decades are of course the perfect alibi to go on the road, sing some of the hit songs, add a few new …

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Sep 15 2002

Cidade Negra: Acústico MTV

Acústico MTV

Only Hits   Baixada Fluminense is the birthplace of this samba-reggae band. Reggae was the main music you heard in this rather aggressive neighborhood. Cidade Negra was one of the many bands exploring that music. Their lyrics didn’t lie about life in the baixada, something that wasn’t always appreciated by radio stations and record labels. …

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