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Dec 12 2005

Chico César: De Uns Tempos Pra Cá

A Different Artist On this cd we hear a completely different Chico César. Accompanied by a string quintet (Quinteto da Paraíba), Chico brings songs that were composed earlier in his career, with a basis in his northeastern roots. The choice to perform the music as chamber music makes it all sound a bit melancholic. The …

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Sep 12 2005

Zezo Ribeiro & Chico César: Brincadeira

Joyful Tradition   It was singer Elba Ramalho who suggested that Zezo Ribeiro and Chico César should team up and work together. It proved to be one of her better ideas. Zezo Ribeiro is a guitarist from São Paulo who draws from the rich tradition of Brazilian music, with a strong preference for Brazil’s northeastern …

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Jul 14 2004


An Introduction Like No Other   Whether you are already familiar with Brazilian music or this is your first time listening to this fascinating and rhythmic genre of World Music, Brasileiro will most definitely appeal to your taste. Compiling a multi-artist release can be a difficult task, especially when there are already several other compilations in the …

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Jul 11 2004

Various: Casa do Forró

Let the Party Begin!   With a country as vast as Brazil, it is no wonder that some musical genres do not get as much air play as others. Take, for example, samba and bossa nova. Just about everyone in all corners of the world has experienced those infectious rhythms. Who has never heard the …

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Sep 06 2002

Respeitem Meus Cabelos, Brancos

 Loaded with Jewels   Chico César launched his fifth album, Respeitem Meus Cabelos, Brancos. Although he always seems to have a “bad-hair day,” he sure deserves respect (a cliche easy to make of course!). This album is another beauty. The typical Chico César sound is hard to describe, but you recognize it right away. His 1994 …

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