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Dec 12 2003

Celia Porto: Palhaço Bonito

Palhaço Bonito

 An Emerging Talent   Born and raised in Brazil’s capital, Brasília, Célia Porto is an emerging talent with three albums under her belt. After recording songs by Legião Urbana (Célia Porto Canta Legião Urbana, 1996), Porto decided to record original music for her third CD. Produced and arranged by husband Renio Quintas (see a review …

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Dec 08 2003

Renio Quintas: As Canções

As Canções

Diverse and Pleasing   Maestro Renio Quintas received his degree in composition and conducting from the University of Brasília’s prestigious school of music. He was the founding member of Brasília’s instrumental groups Artimanha and Naipe and has written several soundtracks for the theatre and movies. In addition to that, besides taking part in several jazz …

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