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Jun 06 2005

Ataualba Meirelles: Trégua do Absurdo

Trégua do Absurdo

Worth the Wait   Back in 1999, Ataualba Meirelles (September 27, 1961 – Salvador, Bahia) produced an unusual album entitled Projeto 1000 Zic Buk 2. What was uncommon about that undertaking was twofold. First, the album was not capitalizing on more popular musical styles from Bahia. Second, Meirelles included several instrumental tracks in the album that …

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Jul 06 2004

Ataualba Meirelles: Projeto 1.000 Zic Buk 2

Projeto 1000Zicbuk 2

A Creative Avenue   In the late 1990’s in Brazil, the ongoing marketing strategy focused on simple melodies, catchy lyrics and sparsely dressed performers. Selling CDs is what counts to those producers and marketing moguls. The other side of this coin is what you will find in Ataualba Meirelles’s most recent production, Projeto 1.000 Zic Buk …

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