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Oct 25 2006

Hagai Rehavia: Bebê


Excellence Reborn   Back in 2003 I was introduced to a wonderful album from a trio in Israel. Tucan Trio’s Tucan in a nutshell blew me away with their vibrant music. Though the group had been in existence since 1998, their first and only album had only been commercially released in 2000. Tucan Trio, in …

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Mar 16 2004

Various Artists: comPasso Samba & Choro

1º comPasso Samba & Choro

Good Samba & Choro Samplers   One of the most frequent questions I hear when people are trying to buy their first Brazilian CD is what album I would recommend for someone not yet very familiar with Brazilian music. Choosing one album to best represent the wide range of Brazilian musical styles is a difficult …

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