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Jul 28 2017

Jovino Santos Neto & André Mehmari: Guris


An Ageless Tribute To celebrate the 80th birthday of music wizard Hermeto Pascoal, pianists Jovino Santos Neto and André Mehmari placed themselves in Mehmari’s brand new studio to record some amazing music. Jovino Santos Neto (1954, Rio de Janeiro) is of course known for his work as pianist, flutist, composer, arranger and producer for Hermeto …

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Jan 04 2017

Danilo Brito: Danilo Brito

Danilo Brito

Choro Heir One of the most authentic forms of Brazilian music, choro has been honored at home and abroad. Many names have carried the choro tradition through the ages. Traditionally performed on mandolin, choro requires two essential elements: soul and dexterity.  Waldir Azevedo, Jacob do Bandolim, Joel do Nascimento and more recently Hamilton de Holanda …

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Mar 05 2016

André Mehmari, Neymar Dias, Sérgio Reze: As Estações na Cantareira

As Estações na Cantareira

Another Gem Pianist, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist André Mehmari is one of those artists who has solidified his name in the Brazilian music scene at a very early age. Born in Niterói (Rio de Janeiro, 1977), he showed interest in music as a child while listening to his mother playing the piano in their home …

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Jul 24 2015

Hamilton de Holanda: World of Pixinguinha

World of Pixinguinha

Perfect again! Mandolin player Hamilton de Holanda never sleeps. If he’s not on tour somewhere in the world, then he can be found in a recording studio. For this album, Hamilton combined the two: he recorded the album in studios at various places all over the world. In each place he invited a very special …

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Mar 06 2015

Hamilton de Holanda: Caprichos


Finger Exercises It’s commonly known that Hamilton de Holanda has a more than dazzling technique on the ten-string mandolin. When you hear him play it’s almost hard to believe that his music is actually happening. Helped by an unique talent, Hamilton never shied away from exercising the hard way on the instrument. While recording and …

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Aug 16 2014

Simone Guimarães: Clarice


Blending Literature and Music Clarice Lispector (December 10, 1920 – December 9, 1977) was a writer who revolutionized Brazilian literature with her innovative books, short stories and chronicles in Brazilian newspapers. Born in Ukraine, Clarice moved to Brazil at a very young age and lived in Recife (Pernambuco, in northeast Brazil) at first. Later in …

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Sep 24 2013

André Mehmari: Canteiro


A Bountiful Garden!   Here is one artist who is comfortable in any genre. André Mehmari has recorded with choro mandolin master Hamilton de Holanda (check out their latest collaboration, GismontiPascoal), jazz clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi (the beautiful Miramari) and partnered with vocalist Ná Ozzetti for an inspired piano/voice release (Piano e Voz). Keeping in line with those releases, I feature here Canteiro. …

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Sep 24 2013

André Mehmari: Afetuoso


Affectionately Gratifying!   Pianist extraordinaire, composer, arranger, singer and multi-instrumentalist André Mehmari (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, 1977) has been wowing audiences worldwide with his diverse musical background and proficiency. I was one of those lucky audience members to experience André’s music and performance live when he came to Austin, Texas, in April 2010.  With such …

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May 24 2013

Hamilton de Holanda & André Mehmari: GismontiPascoal


I first wrote about this album when I purchased the Brazilian version of the CD over a year ago. Now with the U.S. release on Adventure Music, a wider audience will have the opportunity to experience the phenomenal music these guys create in honor of Egberto Gismonti and Hermeto Pascoal.

Sep 25 2009

André Mehmari & Gabriele Mirabassi: Miramari


Powerful Duo   Ever since he won the VISA MPB Award in 1988, André Mehmari has been a constant presence in Brazilian music. His solo and collaborative projects have been nothing short of extraordinary. With each new release, he continues to set the bar higher for himself and for others. By now, you should have heard some …

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