Aug 06 2004

Aparecida Silvino: Presente


A Gift of Love


PresenteSinger, song writer and choral conductor Aparecida Silvino has been making music in her native Fortaleza (capital city of the northeast state of Ceará) even before she was able to read. She began voice lessons at the young age of 5. Singing is in her family. After studying under Hans Joachin Koellreutter and taking additional voice lessons in the United States, Silvino returned to Fortaleza to pursue a music career. She got involved with several local choral groups while also working on a solo career. Her first album was released in 1992, but it was only until 2001 when she released her first CD, Presente. The album is a labor of love from the repertoire, arrangements and family members that provide some guest appearances in this very strong debut.

Presente features music by Chico Buarque, Ronaldo Bastos, Lô Borges, Fagner, Dominguinhos, Milton Nascimento, Fausto Nilo, Davi Duarte and several other talents. Silvino herself was behind the entire concept of the album, but she delegated musical direction to arranger and guitarist Mimi Rocha. The band providing support to Silvino’s very refined vocals also includes members of Marimbanda (Luizinho Duarte and Heriberto Porto) and guitar extraordinaire Manassés and accordion wizard Valdonis. It is only expected that Silvino would work with such quality musicians because she herself is a meticulous and very talented performer. Seeing her perform live allowed me the wonderful experience to see her stage presence, too.

The opening track “Papo Novo,” co-written by Silvino and her brother, is a blues with great guitar solos by arranger/guitarist Mimi Rocha. The song is a subtle way of addressing the search of new things, new values, new creations. Aparecida moves flawlessly regardless of the genre she sings. Her voice is crystal clear and always precise. The title track, by Davi Duarte, is a smooth reggae love song full of sensual images. The song is very catchy to say the least. Other outstanding renditions are found in “Desenlace,” “Modinha” and “Contrato de Separação.” These three ballads give Silvino the opportunity to reach deep in her soul and deliver some of the strongest moments in the album. Particularly with “Contrato de Separação,” in which Silvino is only accompanied by Valdonis’ crying accordion solo. The song and Silvino’s rendition are capable of moving anyone to experience emotions never felt before. The lyrics deal with that longing (“saudade”) and the pain that hurts in one’s heart when a relationship ends and separation is the only way out.

Silvino is comfortably competent in her repertoire choices and performances. She is an artist ready to be discovered by others. To learn more about her. you can read her blog (in Portuguese). Better yet, you can also download the complete CD, including liner notes, here. Give yourself Silvino’s Presente.



Aparecida Silvino 
Fundação Demócrito Rocha DR 006 (2001)
Time: 52’25”


  1. Papo Novo (Francisco Silvino – Aparecida Silvino)
  2. Sonho Real (Ronaldo Bastos – Lô Borges) – w/ Quinteto Belas Artes
  3. É Tão Bom ( Luís Caldas) – w/ Clarissa Silvino
  4. Presente (Davi Duarte) – w/ Davi Duarte
  5. Esse Tempo (Jabuti – Amaro Pena)
  6. Desenlace (Francisco Silvino)
  7. Modinha (Sérgio Bittencourt)
  8. Incomensurável (Abdoral Jamacaru)
  9. A Voz do Dono e o Dono da Voz (Chico Buarque) – w/ Marcus Brito, Melquíades, Luís Miguel & Eric von Shasten)
  10. Tudo o Que Eu Queria (Davi Duarte)
  11. Tudo Está Contigo (Raimundo Fagner – Fausto Nilo)
  12. Contrato de Separação (Dominguinhos – Anastácia) – w/ Valdonis
  13. Fortaleza (Francisco Silvino)
  14. Amor Amigo (Milton Nascimento – Fernando Brant) – w/ Isaíra Silvino