Jul 05 2006

Aline de Lima: Arrebol

Saudades do Brasil


ArrebolWith the release of Arrebol a dream comes true for singer Aline de Lima. Born in Caxias (Maranhão; 1978) in the northeast of Brazil, Aline moved to Stockholm, Sweden at age 19 and later to Paris, France. In all modesty she worked on the development of her singing skills. Meanwhile, helped by her musical mentor French saxophonist/composer Frank Chatona, she put to music the poems she had written during the time. Experience was gained in clubs and with performances in the “Cabaret Brésilien: Manga Rosa” (2003), a successful series of shows featuring Aline’s music and voice. It didn’t take much longer before the opportunity was there to record a cd under the best circumstances. Of course that gift wasn’t left unaccepted.

The album’s producer is no one less than Vinícius Cantuária, also from Brazil’s north (Manaus, 1951), but living in New York for quite some time already. There he developed an own bossa nova style that’s mixed with the jazzy sounds from New York’s alternative music scene. The voice of Aline de Lima seems to perfectly fit in this style! A few tracks on this cd are clearly influenced by Vinícius Cantuária. “Terra” is one of them; the song shows that the voice of Aline de LimaAline sounds perfect with Cantuária’s musical ideas. With this song, Aline expresses the feeling of “saudade” she has living far away from her home country. That feeling is majestically underlined at the final part of the song when Aline reads a well known poem from Gonçalves Dias “Canção do Exílio.” The poet from Maranhão wrote these words in 1843, while living in Coimbra, Portugal. It gives the song an extra dimension. The typical sentimental guitar licks from Vinícius Cantuária are right in place, the percussion is splendid. Since the music is recorded in New York, it’s obvious that Vinícius invited some of his band members to join in. Accompanying the singer on all tracks are bassist Paul Socolow and drummer Paulo Braga. Also from Cantuária’s band are percussionist Marivaldo dos Santos (from Bahia and former member of the spectacular percussion act Stomp) and trumpeter Michael Leonhart, who both appear on a couple of tracks. On acoustic guitar we hear Gustavo Salani on all tracks. Aline’s soft voice sounds at its best in a quiet bossa nova like “Anjo Blue,” another beautiful moment on this cd, featuring the trumpet of Leonhart. Also of a delicate beauty is again a bossa, “Amizades Mortas.” The basic guitar-bass-drums accompaniment on the samba “Noite & Mar” ranks this track among the album’s better up-tempo songs. With “Frevo Orfeu” Aline pays tribute to a more traditional music style of the Brazilian region she grew up in. Another song where we hear the influence of Vinícius Cantuária again, is the slow, almost whispering bossa “Confissão.” Guest guitarist Marc Ribot is featured with his very jazzy guitar sound in “Maré de Saudade” and “O Bloco do Meu Bem.” As an extra, Aline features a song from the country she lives in now: France. “Septembre (Quel joli temps)” closes the album.

It all makes Arrebol a very pleasant album. You can hear track samples here.



Aline de Lima
NAÏVE WN 145089 (2006)
Time: 42’10”


All texts by Aline de Lima; all music by Aline de Lima and Frank Chatona, except where noted.

  1. Arrebol (Aline de Lima – Sebastien Jan)
  2. Terra (Aline de Lima)
  3. Anjo Blue
  4. O Amor Chegou
  5. Frevo Orfeu
  6. Maré de Saudade
  7. Amizades Mortas
  8. O Bloco do Meu Bem
  9. Noite & Mar
  10. Confissão
  11. Septembre (Sophie Makhno – Barbara)