Jun 05 2008

Aline de Lima: Açaí

Finding Her Way in Music


After her first successful release Arrebol, Aline de Lima shows up with a nice successor. Arrebol benefited from the presence of producer Vinícius Cantuária and some members of his band. On this second release, Açaí, Aline shows up with her own band. Based in Paris, France, the singer from Maranhão decided to stay connected to her Brazilian roots that lay close to the Amazon River.

She wrote most of the songs herself, both music and lyrics. It’s funny to hear her even sing in Swedish in “Som Om Ingenting Har Hänt” from Swedish bossa nova fan and performer Johan Christher Schütz. Aline lived in Sweden for a while before she moved to France. As part of a medley, “Mulher Rendeira” is written by Zé do Norte (Alfredo Ricardo do Nascimento). Another non-original is Gilberto Gil’s “Ladeira da Preguiça,” and there’s a poem from Fernando Pessoa included in “Adeus Solidão.” The rest of the repertoire is from Aline’s hands and proves her quality as a composer and lyricist. The participating musicians are also Paris based with Anthony Winzenrieth on guitars, Natalino Neto on bass, Illya Amar on the vibraphone and percussionists Inor Sotolongo and Júlio Gonçalves.

On Açaí, Aline de Lima shows she found her way in music. It looks like she has a steady and smooth way ahead of her. The booklet is well taken care of with translations of each song in both French and English, underlying Aline is a true world citizen with a Brazilian heart.


Aline de Lima 
Naïve WN145150 01 (2008)
Total time: 40’36”


All compositions by Aline de Lima, except where noted.

  1. Menino Açai
  2. O Solar de Catirina
  3. Som Om Ingenting Har Hänt (JC Schütz)
  4. Renda Minha / Mulher Rendeira (Aline de Lima – Alfredo Ricardo do Nascimento)
  5. Marin-Pêcheur
  6. Amor Com Solidão
  7. Mundo Ilusório
  8. Ladeira Da Preguiça (Gilberto Gil)
  9. Canto Morno
  10. Quem Sou
  11. Razão de Sofrer
  12. Adeus Solidão (Aline de Lima – Fernando Pessoa)