Oct 05 2005

Alaíde Costa: Tudo Que o Tempo Me Deixou

A Private Paradise


Tudo Que o Tempo Me Deixou

Alaíde Costa (Rio de Janeiro, 1935) is one of Brazil’s living divas. Gifted with extraordinary voice and superb diction and phrasing, she has been making music for 50 years. To celebrate this outstanding career, she has released the instant classic Tudo Que o Tempo Me Deixou. Produced by Antonio Carlos Vidigal with musical direction and arrangements by Gilson Peranzzetta, the album is another beautiful release of this remarkable singer.

In addition to arranging and directing this album, Peranzzetta also played piano and keyboards. The rest of the group supporting Costa’s gorgeous singing is Paulo Russo (acoustic bass), João Cortez (drums), Mauro Senise (saxes, flutes) and David Chew (cello). With an impeccable repertoire that includes songs by Sueli Costa, Paulo César Pinheiro, Sebastião Tapajós, Dolores Duran, Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, Johnny Alf and Dori Caymmi, Tudo Que o Tempo Me Deixou still includes another surprise: a brand new collaboration of Alaíde Costa and Antônio Carlos Jobim, “Você É Amor.” The story behind the song is simple. In an interview with the daily Estado de São Paulo, Costa explained that although she had been singing this songs in live shows, she had never recorded it before. Written in 1961 at Vinícius de Moraes’ home, Costa said she was singing the melody when Tom Jobim said to her: “What a beautiful thing. Who wrote it”? She said it was hers, and Jobim then added the lyrics. So, here we have it.

Alaíde Costa



Alaíde Costa
Tudo Que o Tempo Me Deixou
Lua Discos LUA075 (2005)
Time: 68’07”


  1. Tudo que o tempo me deixou (Gilson Peranzzetta – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  2. Voz de Mulher (Sueli Costa – Abel Silva)
  3. Conversa como Coração (Guinga – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  4. Estranha Saudade (Cristovão Bastos – Hermínio Bello de Carvalho)
  5. Coração sem Saída (Dori Caymmi – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  6. Saída (Alaíde Costa)
  7. Predestinado Amor (Maurício Carrilho – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  8. Minha Nossa Senhora (Fátima Guedes)
  9. Pra Tânia (Sebastião Tapajós – Geraldo Julião)
  10. Você É Amor (Alaíde Costa – Tom Jobim)
  11. Ana Luiza (Tom Jobim)
  12. Leilão (Carlota Marques – Paulo César Feital)
  13. Meu Sonho (Alaíde Costa – Johnny Alf)
  14. Solidão (Dolores Duran)
  15. Vinheta: Tudo que o Tempo me deixou (Gilson Peranzzetta – Paulo César Pinheiro)