Jan 17 2003

2002 Retrospective

From Água de Moringa to Zé Renato – Some of What I’ve Listened to in 2002…


It appears that the recording industry in Brazil changed gears in 2002.  Besides the obvious new releases, and as a replacement to the deluge of live recordings in previous years,  recording labels opted for reissuing a number of great titles, some of which appearing on CD for the first time last year.  From the albums I was able to get a hold of and listen to, here are my favorites of 2002. The problem with these types of lists is that a lot of good titles do not make the final count. So, keep in mind this is not meant to be comprehensive.


Domingo na Geral

Domingo na Geral





Acoustic Guitar



Songbook Braguinha

Songbook Braguinha


Multisets and Boxes


Outside of Brazil


MPB and Pop