Gabriel Santiago: Traveler

Back on the Road — Right on the footsteps of Momentum, Gabriel Santiago returns with a new release: Traveler. His journey in Brazilian music is strong as ever, and this time he devotes the album mostly to authorial music. In a trio formation (Thiago Rabello on drums and Sidiel Vieira on acoustic and electric bass), Gabriel Santiago …

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Barca dos Corações Partidos: Auê

A Celebration of Brazilian Culture — In a country with an extremely rich tradition of strong female performers, it often surprises me when a male artist rises to the forefront. That was one of the things that called my attention when I first heard of Barca dos Corações Partidos (Ship of the Broken Hearts). The group …

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Lenine & Martin Fondse

Lenine & Martin Fondse

The Bridge Sometimes it happens: the magic between two musicians from totally different cultures. You wonder how it’s possible. Someone from “o país tropical” who joins forces with someone who lives in a rainy country below sea-level! But it works. Think about Ceumar and Dutch pianist Mike Del Ferro. And, since 2013, Brazilian star Lenine …

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MPB-4, Toquinho, Ivan Lins

MPB-4, Toquinho & Ivan Lins: 50 Anos de Música

Reliving the Golden Age of MPB — Luck would have it that I was in Fortaleza on October 7, 2017, when MPB-4, Toquinho and Ivan Lins performed their acclaimed road show celebrating 50 years of their individual careers. The mid- to late-1960s era can be called a golden age of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira or …

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Kurt Rosenwinkel: Caipi

In a Brazilian Mood Caipi begins with a quiet bossa rif: guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel is in a Brazilian mood. The multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia (Pennsyvania, USA; 1970), but now residing in Berlin, Germany, surprises his fans with something completely different. Kurt Rosenwinkel houses in the jazz scene. In the first years of his career he could …

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The Village

Yotam Silberstein: The Village

Still got it! It’s true, it’s already five years ago that guitarist Yotam Silberstein surprised us here at MúsicaBrasileira with a splendid Brazilian flavored jazz album. Brasil was a nice surprise for the jazz fans who can appreciate a serious Brazilian influence in jazz. So when I saw The Village, I wondered if Yotam Silberstein …

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Heloísa Fernandes: Faces

Continuing to Impress It was an excellent idea of Thomas Zoells to invite Heloísa Fernandes for a solo recording on a state of the art Fazioli piano. The Swiss born owner of Pianoforte Chicago, the city’s famous piano store, attended a concert (May 3rd, 2014) by Heloísa Fernandes at his own studio in Chicago. He …

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Samba Para a Vida

The Richard Sorce Project: Samba Para a Vida

Samba Is Life Composer, pianist and arranger Richard Sorce has demonstrated a long-standing closeness to Brazilian music. His two previous albums, A Place I’ve Never Been and Closer Than Before already showcased his connection to Brazil in some tracks. Now, his third and brand new release delves deeper into the Brazilian repertoire with fifteen original …

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Jovino Santos Neto & André Mehmari: Guris

An Ageless Tribute To celebrate the 80th birthday of music wizard Hermeto Pascoal, pianists Jovino Santos Neto and André Mehmari placed themselves in Mehmari’s brand new studio to record some amazing music. Jovino Santos Neto (1954, Rio de Janeiro) is of course known for his work as pianist, flutist, composer, arranger and producer for Hermeto …

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Brasil L.I.K.E.

Ron Carter & Vitoria Maldonado: Brasil L.I.K.E.

Jazz in a Brazilian way If you feel the desire to listen to bassist Ron Carter’s recording efforts: be aware. The master bassist is credited on more than 2,200 albums! That sure ranks him among the most recorded bassists. Born in Ferndale, Michigan, on May 4th, 1937, Ronald Levin Carter always had a “click” with …

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John Finbury featuring Marcella Camargo: Pitanga

Expanding Brazilian Horizons With a 2016 Latin Grammy nomination for Song of the Year for “A Chama Verde,” from Imaginário, John Finbury comes back with another well produced and pleasing new album, Pitanga. Produced and arranged by John Finbury and Bob Patton, Pitanga follows in the footsteps of Imaginário. The repertoire is all original music written by John Finbury, …

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Saudade Maravilhosa

Mario Adnet: Saudade Maravilhosa

The Composer   If you have been following our site for a while, the name of Mario Adnet is not going to be unknown for you. His discography and special projects have been keeping us pleasantly busy. It is always a joy to find out he has a new album in the works, and it’s …

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